Our Team

Alanna Morton

Associate Director, Talent, Culture & Admin

Years working in philanthropy or a related field: 13
Years with IP: 3

What I bring to IP: I manage the day-to-day operations of Intentional Philanthropy with a special interest in business development, marketing and communications. In addition, I manage back-office administration for clients that require bookkeeping and human resources functions. I really enjoy creating solutions for foundations, having provided executive, board governance and committee support over the last 10 years. Prior to joining the IP team, I worked for The Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, which serves more than 300 nonprofits outside of New York City in Fairfield County, Connecticut. In addition, I have experience in event management, fundraising and problem-solving to meet operational and staffing needs. At IP, I work across the operational, programmatic, and business activities of the firm, while also serving as the executive assistant to IP President, Holli Rivera. I hold a B.A. in Professional Studies, graduating magna cum laude from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

What I love most about my work: I love providing solutions and eliminating the burden of the day-to-day work for our clients, so that they can use their valued time to focus on what they enjoy most. It’s my passion to support, serve, and provide high quality outcomes for our clients, and to take care of whatever is needed. It simply makes my day to hear the sighs of relief from our clients when IP has saved them time, money and future headaches!

What I am most excited about learning right now: My passion is to see people and organizations prosper. Currently, I am studying 21st century productivity in the workplace, and how personal life and work life often intersect with performance. Since we spend a good portion of our day at work, I enjoy providing solutions that help employees enjoy a better work life.

What I do in a typical week: My daily IP routine is a moving target. The bookkeeping and operations components are steady and I serve as the resource hub for our small but mighty team. The rest is open to creativity and personal initiative! I often look for ways to improve processes and save money for our clients. Throughout the day, I may be found answering client questions and concerns, coordinating staff benefits and meetings, and ensuring that our systems adapt to meet the needs of our growing company.

What I do when I’m not working: I’m the type of friend and family member who wants to see people do well and will make it my goal in life to see them accomplish their dreams. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time pursuing goals, studying success tactics, and creating workshops to help people think about where they are and where they’d like to be. When I’m not buried in podcasts and books, I like to explore the world both virtually and abroad.

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