Our Team

Becka Manglanathan

Director, Management & Systems

Years working in philanthropy or a related field: 16
Years with IP: 6

What I bring to IP: As a program manager for the Bainum Family Foundation, I managed an after-school program assisting over 1,000 students, developed student curriculum and parent engagement tools, and evaluated outcomes. I have worked on several grants management systems and have an endless curiosity for learning new technology. I am a math geek, with a BS in mathematics from the University of Maryland and a MA in Education and Curriculum Development.

What I love most about my work: I love people and numbers. So I love that I get to use numbers and data to inform my work with people. I am the go-to in the office for grants management software and reporting questions, as well as for clients wishing to overhaul outdated websites - all things that I find super fun and interesting. I currently serve as Grants and Program Officer for the Sampson Foundation and mentor, coach and all around whatever-is-needed officer for the Bender Foundation.

What I am most excited about learning right now: I find the idea of collaboration really exciting, while also challenging to do well. I am really enjoying learning how other funders have been able to collaborate with each other, with non-profits and even with government to achieve their goals.

What I do in a typical week: I spend a lot of time connecting with funders, grantees, and other organizations working on issue areas that clients are funding. I also spend time developing grant processes, evaluating grants, and analyzing data, and look to continually improve efficiency in grants processes.

What I do when I’m not working: When I’m not climbing trees or hosting tea parties with my daughters, I tap in to my educational roots as a math tutor and Girl Scout leader.

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