Our Team

Daniel Aste

Associate, Foundation Management

Years working in philanthropy or related field: 2
Years with IP: 4 months

What I bring to IP: Working in both the private sector and diplomatic community in Geneva, Switzerland for five years has given me a fresh perspective on social and humanitarian causes and has exposed me to a wealth of knowledge about how different communities around the world have tackled many of the same issues that we are pursuing in the United States. This international experience is coupled with personal South American roots which gives me the ability to be sensitive to many different points of view and think creatively. I have a BA in linguistics and an MA in European Studies with a focus in international law; this makes my educational background as diverse as my personal background. Therefore, when looking at an issue, I consider the humanitarian, social, economic, linguistic, political and legal implications of all the factors. The professional fields I have been most invested in so far have been health, prevention and social security. In this and in everything, I adhere to a personal philosophy of expecting excellence without sacrificing the enjoyment of what I do.

What I love most about my work: I love becoming a functional expert in numerous fields and seeing how the nuances of the same issue area can impact different communities in unique ways. As someone with such varied interests, I love how managing a foundation or project calls upon my entire skillset. Finally, I love the human aspect of this work and how I have the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to causes.
What I am most excited about learning right now:I look forward to learning all the ins and outs of modern philanthropy and hearing the success stories of how to meaningfully leave a positive mark on a community.

What I do in a typical week: Every day is different! Essentially, I handle the day-to-day activities of foundation management. This involves coordinating and meeting the needs of our team, our clients, other non-profits and the individuals we serve. I participate in educational discussions, make logistical arrangements, create lots of charts and tables to make our information accessible and whatever else the job demands!

What I do when I’m not working: I travel as much as possible, walk, talk, eat and contribute some extra energy to Latin dance parties whenever possible. I also serve as an Academic Coach in the evenings to students who need extra support.

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