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Lynch Foundation

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands! The Lynch Foundation, a professionally staffed foundation already recognized as a pioneer in education funding, sought Intentional Philanthropy’s support in conducting a three-day retreat for its independent board that included an review of the national K-12 education landscape. IP summarized existing research and conducted interviews with national policy, education, and nonprofit leaders. We mapped hard data and key challenges, identified strategies matching the foundation’s criteria, provided case examples of funder initiatives, organized site visits to high-impact programs, and highlighted high-leverage funding opportunities for the foundation. The foundation directed IP to create briefing materials, talking points, and a written report that could be easily digested by a board with professional expertise outside of the education sector. Many of the ideas were already in play by the foundation’s Executive Director. Sometimes a small-staffed foundation just needs an extra pair of hands to get it all done, done well, and on time.

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