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Sampson Foundation

The Sampson Foundation initially hired Intentional Philanthropy to facilitate a board retreat and subsequent meetings as the foundation was shifting from legacy grantmaking to a strategic focus of promoting a culture of wellness and whole-person patient care in its local community. IP also led the foundation through a strategic national landscape analysis of the field of integrative medicine. That analysis showed that there are gaps in funding for independent, evidenced-based research and that little is done to expose medical students to the field of integrative medicine (even though 25% of their patients practice some form of alternative care). More recently, IP led the foundation through a second strategic grantmaking process for its program area focused on healthy food choices. For building a strategic framework in both program areas, IP took into consideration the time and resources the foundation desired to dedicate to its strategies, its ability to effectively partner with various institutions, and its tolerance for risk. We identified several strategies and funding gaps through literature review and extensive interviews with community leaders, local government officials, nonprofit directors, and other funders. We presented these to the board in a series of written reports. Then, with guided facilitation, the board narrowed its focus to pursue a strategy with a high probability of producing long-term, systemic change. Intentional Philanthropy’s team is currently helping the foundation implement its strategies via community introductions, site visits, and management of the grantee application process, including proposal evaluation.

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