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Solon E. Summerfield Foundation

The Solon E. Summerfield Foundation initially hired Intentional Philanthropy in June 2014 to facilitate a retreat as the foundation revisited its grantmaking priorities, evaluated foundation operations, and assessed desired levels of board engagement. After successfully completing the retreat, the foundation asked IP to continue its consulting arrangement to assist with implementation of next steps, and to work with foundation staff to develop job descriptions and performance evaluations based on the refined roles and responsibilities needed to support the work of the foundation. IP has since facilitated two succession-planning retreats and a grantmaking focus retreat – helping the board narrow its grantmaking focus from five broad issue areas to a single focus that the full board can engage in. We continue to facilitate board meetings to inform grantmaking strategies within the newly selected focus. As strategies are selected, IP is building appropriate screens and impact measures into the grantmaking process to inform the board’s future decisions.

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