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Steinman Foundation

Changes in assets often require evolving operations and grantmaking. Intentional Philanthropy was eager to help with such a transition at the Steinman Foundation, one of the largest foundations in their area, created from the merger of two related foundations. We conducted confidential interviews with each board and staff member and then facilitated a retreat in May 2015 to address common concerns and interests and identify next steps for the board and staff to move forward. We facilitated the development of a three-year strategic plan, the selection of two strategic focus areas for grantmaking, parameters for broader community funding, and decisions around prioritizing and streamlining grantmaking to maximize the human-resource capacity of this small-staffed local funder. We then augmented the work of existing staff on the implementation of the plan, including landscape assessment and strategy research in Early Childhood Development and Economic & Workforce Development, advised on streamlining grants operations, and provided coaching to build the long-term capacity of the staff for strategic grantmaking work. We remain a trusted ally and available for support.

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