Our Approach

Efficiency and Excellence

We are a boutique advisory and management firm with a combined 90-plus years of experience. We offer personalized services, not cookie-cutter solutions. We are approachable, creative, nimble, and – above all – not bureaucratic. 


If you can’t implement a plan, it’s not worth having! We provide right-sized services to foundations and donors when and how they need them most. We understand this work from vision to implementation, and partner with our clients to customize practical solutions that fit each one’s culture and appetite.


We believe in educating, equipping, and empowering our clients to achieve their intended success. It motivates us to see our clients gain issue knowledge, develop new skills, and renew their passion for giving. It’s not about us; it’s about our clients’ work.

Values Based

Grounded in core values of excellence, humility, transparency, and integrity, we take pride in the fact that our success today will be multiplied in our clients’ families and communities for years to come.


We don’t fundraise, manage assets, or work for the nonprofit organizations our clients serve. Our only goal is to help our clients realize their philanthropic goals.

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