Retreat & Meeting Facilitation

Get the most out of your time together. Make decisions, explore family values, and move forward. We provide structure and objective guidance.

Have you thought about:

  • Does your board need an objective outside voice at its meetings?
  • Is your board on the cusp of making big decisions that could benefit from the guidance of a facilitator?
  • Are there issues that your board has difficulty coming to consensus about or avoids because they are hard to discuss?
  • Does your board need to be inspired?

Learn more about our Retreat & Meeting Facilitation Services:

We provide retreat and meeting facilitation services that take into consideration the needs and culture of each foundation and each person at the table. Some of the things we can help you accomplish during your time together:

Collaborative Decision Making

A skilled facilitator can efficiently move the board through a particular transition or strategic question, or to build consensus around a new direction.

Board Cohesion

At times, you need someone who can provide the right amount of structure for board members to spend time in open-ended conversation, have fun with one another and be inspired so that the “work” of the foundation can move forward with renewed passion and excitement.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Board dynamics can be complicated. Sometimes you need an outsider that can gently navigate those tricky areas that threaten to hinder the good work you are trying to do.

Client Stories

Lynch Foundation

A foundation sought an assessment of their grantmaking focus, the surrounding landscape, and potential strategies for impact, and reviewed the analysis at a facilitated board retreat.

Frey Foundation

A foundation brings in an outside facilitator to support the board’s dialogue and decision making around exploring various grantmaking models, selecting an appropriate model and implementing the next steps to move forward.

Solon E. Summerfield Foundation

A foundation with decades of history has successful retreats to narrow its grantmaking focus, begin succession planning, and build grantmaking strategy.

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